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Landscape in Writing

Background, setting, landscape contributes to writing. No event or Being is sans context. There exists no Universal Truth about temporal things and beings. In what ways can landscape/s of your essay, story, novel help enrich the reading experience of your piece? One, it can enhance…

Label Your Emotions When You Write

Many people religiously journal. The purpose may be to document what happened, to get-it-off-the-chest, to vent, to have a space to express privately. If it serves you, wonderful. Please continue journaling. However note that journaling doesn’t help decrease suffering unless it meets few conditions. One,…

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I weave idea-streams

I am the Lightweaver. I weave idea-streams, thought-concepts, people, places and objects into new possibilities for future. I coach folks to enable, rehabilitate and rejuvenate their creative flow – whether writing, music, dance or technology.

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