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I have never bought a rail ticket under ladies quota. But the other day, my waitlist ticket was confirmed under that quota.

I did not know this until a TT got in at Sholapur. A slightly built man with greying hair, glasses set on a pair of soft cheeks with lips shaped like a permanent smile, he came in and immediately started to shoo away the guys who were lounging in the upper berths.

Waving papers and his pen, confident in his black TT jacket, he told everyone loudly — “Only ladies can take these seats. You cannot even keep your luggage here”.

I looked around, suddenly cognizant that all my co-passengers in the cubicle were women, that I was now part of “us” vs “them”.

Then he turned and noticing our open windows and carelessly kept purses, chided us. “Close the windows”. As I reached to shutter down, feeling more a woman than I did, he walked up. “I will do it”. I moved away as he carefully shuttered down each window, watching as shutters clanged down the clumsy window corners, checking if my fingers were not in the way.

I felt a sudden burst of affection and said, “Thank you”. Without glancing up to look at me, he nodded, the smily lips breaking into a wider smile, glowing up his caramel-brown cheeks and twinkling behind his glasses.

I watched him as he stood by the edge of our cubicle, feet firmly planted and balanced, his slight shoulders happy and eager, surveying the corridor and the men who sat in the other berths and thought to myself:

“Daddy TT of Hussain Sagar Express”.

And I pulled my covers and drifted to sound sleep.


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