About me

The Lightweaver

Hi there.

I am the Lightweaver. I weave idea-streams, thought-concepts, people, places and objects into new possibilities for future. I coach folks to enable, rehabilitate and rejuvenate their creative flow – whether writing, music, dance or technology.

I welcome you to my website and thank you for the opportunity to showcase my work to you.

There are three cornerstones to my work – Communication, Creativity and NLP.

I have a PhD in Communication from University of New Mexico, U.S.A. and have taught several communication related subjects in United States and India for eleven years. I came into the communication field in my late twenties by chance and fell in love with the possibilities of this field for human growth and well-being.

I have been associated with creative fields since my childhood – as a writer, dancer and singer. I began teaching Bharatnatyam at the age of 13 and helped my first student to perform on stage at 14. My blog Tilling the Earthwoman is popular. Over the years, I ghostwrote seven books and mentored several others. You can find some of the books here.

I have two Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner certifications and NLP Master Practitioner certification from SNLP. I assisted in Anchor NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings.  I studied Andrew Austin’s Metaphors of Movement and its various applications. I took coaching on Provocative Change Works from Nick Kemp, learnt Core Transformation from Tamara of Andreas NLP Trainings, and the Wholeness Process from Deepa Somani. I am currently studying Mental Space Psychology with the guidance of Lucas Derks and the SOMSP team. I stay abreast of neuroscience research and innovate to apply research to everyday life.

As The Lightweaver, I bring these three fields together. I use NLP to help folks sort out underlying issues that block/distort how we communicate, open up creative ways in which we can express ourselves, plan outcomes, reframe possibilities.

I bring Brain, Creativity and Communication together.

How I transitioned into The Lightweaver has been documented here.

I work with folks across spectrum – from those who wish to enable and enhance their ability to express, through artists who would like to explore new ways of creating art, to those who desire to think creatively in business and various professional fields.

My work is well-appreciated by folks from a broad spectrum of professions.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. If you have questions, please email me: thelightweaver1@gmail.com