Book Mentorship Program

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This is a 3 to 6 months book mentorship program. If you have a book idea and would like to be mentored, the following is the process:

  1. Support in developing layout/structure of the book.
  2. Content and style feedback on chapters as they are written.
  3. One hour Skype session per month plus an initial 3 hour Uncover Your Voice Skype session.
  4. Support to get through/around creative blocks.
  5. Keep you on track with the book. I will do weekly follow-ups and you can email me anytime.
  6. Guide you as you seek your publishers (I will not find the publishers; I will help refine your proposal and help you negotiate/decide on best options).
  7. Two rounds of content editing (first as the chapter is written; second as the complete book is put together) and one round of type editing. (you should get the final round of type editing through an external editor)

My fees are Rs 25,000 for Indian writers and USD 500 for non-Indian writers for 3 months. For each additional month, the charges are Rs 6000/- or USD 100.

Interested? Contact me.