Book Mentorship Program

This is a Four/Six/Eight months book mentorship program. If you have a book idea, are committed to writing it, and would like to be mentored, the following is the process:

  1. Support in developing layout/structure of the book.
  2. Content and style feedback on chapters as they are written.
  3. One hour Skype session per month plus an initial 3 hour Uncover Your Voice Skype session.
  4. Support to get through/around creative blocks.
  5. Keep you on track with the book for the time period. I will do weekly follow-ups and you can email me anytime.
  6. Guide you as you seek your publishers (I will not find the publishers; I will help refine your proposal and help you negotiate/decide on best options)


Four Month Program: Rs 30,000/- for Indian writers and USD 600 for non-Indian writers

Six Month Program: Rs 50,000/- for Indians writers and USD 800 for non-Indian writers

Eight Month Program: Rs 75,000 for Indian writers and USD 1100 for non-Indian writers

Interested? Contact me.