I was interviewed for an unusual Career Portal Apple For A. Here is an excerpt:

“How it all got started for you? Why Zoology and Journalism?

I was into creative projects from a young age. I started writing stories at the age of 8. However, I never considered arts to be a mainstream profession. I wanted to be a scientist and work on a cure for cancer. My mother was insistent I learn music and dance as she believed it would provide me supplemental income in times of crisis. So arts was a lifebuoy, the backpack for emergency.

I did not get through my medical entrance exams after higher secondary. My parents insisted that I would get through if I wrote again and wanted me to stay in science stream. So, I took up Zoology for my Bachelors. I attempted the entrance exams across the country three times after that and failed each time. I was not interested in working on a Masters in Zoology, instead wanted to study Journalism. However, my dad decided to end my studies and instead asked me to look for a job.

I studied Journalism after another 6 years in my late twenties. I thought Journalism was adventurous and I liked the thrill of reporting.

However after I took up Journalism, I discovered the larger field of Communication and fell in love with the possibilities in this field.”

For full article, please visit the portal here: https://applefora.com/blog/creativity-consultant-journalism-communication/