An in-depth, reflective and powerful interview with Vishal Bheeroo.


What are the Lightweaver consultants all about? Can you share the purpose that it serves in touching lives and to free the deep emotions that we love to protect?

There are three reasons why I conceived the Lightweaver project. First, I realized that it is my natural ability and something I have undertaken unconsciously for years. The time to make it tangible and own it has arrived.

Secondly, it is my belief that the creative aspect of living is a powerful force and can change the universe of things. However, the creative art world is beset with standards, rules and awe about celebrity artists. It is one area where we are afraid to put ourselves out in the open and scared about responses as well as feedback that makes us insecure and uncomfortable.

Thirdly, the Lightweaver Consultants strive to help creative folks to rediscover and realign themselves in order to pursue what they want in a joyful and easy manner.

The issue with mainstream counselling is that the focus is on problems and blocks which is a negative approach to find a solution. I believe that we can adopt a positive approach to counselling by putting forth this basic question: What do you want to do? After this question is answered, we can help people achieve that. During the process, if there are old issues and patterns that are revealed, it can be resolved as it emerges.

The focus remains on the present moment and where the person wants to go from here. I don’t buy this ‘heal fully’ to do something discourse. We have peppered our life stories with trauma. Let us sprinkle some dream dust instead. What do I have to work on to be able to do what I want to? Work on that. Rest is irrelevant at the moment.”


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