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Communication Skills Program

Lightweaver Complete Communication Skills Program


Intensive Two Month Program

Communicating with others is essential to everyday life. Whether it is a prospective employer, a colleague, a friend, a family member or in a party, how we communicate influences how we are perceived.

Whereas the ability to communicate is inbuilt, we often do not succeed because of limiting beliefs, fear, or past memories.

This personalised program helps you,

  1. To work through the underlying issues
  2. To learn the skills to communicate effectively – in small/large groups, written/oral.

Based on latest research in communication, neuroscience and psychology, and using NLP techniques, the Level-I program is designed to empower you as an individual in any setting and teach you basic tools to effectively get your message across.


Phase 1: Three Day Workshop

  • Learn to present your opinion in a group.
  • Improve the way you communicate to your friends and relatives.
  • Learn how to speak in public.
  • Communicate effectively on email and social media.

Phase 2: Personal Mentoring

  • Two 1:1 Skype sessions
  • Written Assignments
  • Practice Assignments

 Phase 3: 1 Day Workshop

  • Refining Learnings and Scaling Up
  • Presentations and Report outs

Introductory Fee for this Two Month Program:  Rs 21,000

Scholarships available for Two Single Mothers

Testimonials from my courses in United States (At University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College)

“Everything was most beneficial” (2003)

“Understanding and willing to listen to the student. Very helpful in helping to make the experience of public speaking comfortable.” (2004)

“The instructor was very aware of students and often asked student opinions and understanding of given topics. The classroom environment was relaxed and friendly which really helped when trying to deliver presentations.” (2004)

“Ability to explain was great.” (2006)

“She was very enthusiastic and enjoyed teaching. So it made it a little easier to focus” (2006)

“Very positive/constructive to students.”(2006)

“Set a comfortable, open, and non-judgmental atmosphere. We worked and practiced on things similar to our homework. So it was helpful to go home and do our assignments.” (2006)

“I thought the community center speech was very helpful.” (2006)

“She has personal experience of what we are talking about.” (2006)

“Extremely adaptable, diplomatic and fair. Caring and adds human kindness.” (2006)

“You explain things beautifully and have a great grasp of all topics.” (2006)

“This was my favorite class” (2006)

“Wonderful passion and knowledge, a pleasure to work with” (2007)

“Actually applying what we learned.” (2007)

“She has a lot of interest in students improving application of the concepts taught in the class. She has high standards and expects students to work for it.” (2008)

“Overall one of the best courses I have taken.” (2008)

“This is without a doubt the best teacher UNM have she is very clear on her material, unlike the teachers who require you to read the book but quiz you on the material not covered. She explains exactly what’s going to be on the test and the semesters projects.” (2009)

LCCSP Level 2

Three-Month Intensive Program

Phase 1: Three Day Workshop

  • Advanced small group communication skills
  • Advanced interpersonal skills to work with ego bursting messages and triggers
  • Advances strategies for public speaking
  • Writing promotional posts, small blog posts.
  • Analysing language

Phase 2: Personal Mentoring

  • Two 1:1 Skype sessions
  • Written assignments
  • Practice assignments

Phase 3: 2 Day Workshop

  • Advanced strategies to decode the other
  • Refining learnings
  • Presentations and Report outs

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