Lightweaver Short Courses

Occasionally I conduct 3-4 hour long short courses in different cities in India. If you would like to arrange a course in your city, please contact me. The fees for this course is a uniform Rs 1200/- across the country.

Writing as Therapy

Many consider writing as a therapeutic process. But some forms of writing are therapeutic while others actually increase the suffering.

What is the science of writing and how is it connected to the brain?

How can you use writing to resolve issues and decrease suffering?

Come and find out in this introductory workshop.


Uncovering Your Voice

There are many reasons why we cannot, do not express ourselves. Or when we do we feel inauthentic, not-good-enough, lacking.

This basic workshop takes you through structures in our mind, social, familial and personal that cloud and dominate our expressions.

We will go through initial motions of discovering how we think, what feels aligned to our ecology, and therefore how do we choose to express.


Creativity and NLP

This is a workshop meant for NLP practitioners who wish to explore the realm of creativity through the lens of NLP.

What tools and techniques does an NLP approach provide to enable and enhance creativity? Why is brain-aligned work important in creative fields? How can we understand creativity in light of advances in neuroscience field?


Lightweaver Short Course Calendar

May 12

Writing as Therapy (Hyd)

Hyderabad Venue: TBD, 10 am - 1pm

May 12

Uncover Your Voice (Hyd)

Hyderabad, Venue: TBD, 2pm- 5pm

May 19

Writing as Therapy (Chennai)

Chennai, Venue: TBD, 10 am -1 pm

May 19

Uncover Your Voice (Chennai)

Chennai, Venue TBD, 2-5pm,

May 20

Writing as Therapy (BLR)

Bengaluru, Venue: TBD, 10 am- 1pm

June 2

Writing as Therapy (Mumbai)

Mumbai, Hotel Suba Galaxy, 5 pm- 8pm

June 9

Writing as Therapy (Delhi)

Delhi, Venue: TBD, 5 pm- 8pm

May 20

Uncover Your Voice (BLR)

Bengaluru, Venue TBD, 2pm - 5pm