Photo Courtesy Martin Burns

The reader and writer are two different personas. They have different outcomes.

As a reader, you may choose to laugh, learn, timepass, or be inspired by an author. As a writer, you read an author differently.

If you enjoy an author, ask what is working well in the way the writer has written. How s/he entertains, informs or inspires? Ask detailed questions to the text, scan the process as a curious onlooker.

And then check if you can adapt the process to your writing.

If you can’t, that is okay. You figured out what works for you.

As a writer, reading an author whom you don’t enjoy is also a worthwhile task. Scan the text and ask what is missing. What did not work well in the process? And then check how you write. Are there similar gaps in your writing?

The easiest way to sabotage your writing life is to put an author on a pedestal. Putting someone on a pedestal presupposes you have put yourself below. Admiration is an emotional extreme of trust which happens when you submit yourself to another.

Respect other authors like a martial arts practitioner greets another. Bow without ever losing sense of your power.

We often admire others because we are lazy to work, scared to risk putting our thoughts in public space. It serves as a wonderful excuse to not make any effort.

Every human has a brain, pulsating, firing, dynamically morphing as we direct it. The only one who is stopping you from becoming the wonderful writer you wish you could be is YOU.

Take charge. Stop giving excuses that you have some major deficiency or a very complicated thinking process to execute what you want.

You are Whole. You are Complete. Write.