Over Navratri 2017, I wrote twelve posts on the theme “Sa Ham – I am She.”

Excerpt on writing process:

  1. I committed to writing this series. I knew I could write it. There was no self-doubt nor did I hesitate.
  2. I woke up early each day, fixed myself tea and sat down to write. I went about the day only after the article was written and published.
  3. Some of the topics had been stewing for long. They were pre-planned. Others were not. The topic for the next day emerged at end of puja each day. The topic emerged as a phrase or title and I knew what the content would be.
  1. Sometimes I would begin processing the topic as I did other activities. Often, I did not think of it until I was ready to write. Early morning, when I sat down to write, the brain was clear of noise. I wrote easily. In those pieces, the writing style was smooth and flowed well. When I processed topic through the day, flitting from one perspective to another, the output was forced. I wasn’t as satisfied with the work.
  1. Some of the posts had many readers with several hundred page views. Some did not. I had an outcome planned. I wanted each one of my posts to reach a unique woman and help her in some form. I am proud to say that each of my posts did that – 12 women for 12 posts.
  1. Few of the posts stirred up lost content to the surface and I spent the day resolving it. Some days I was physically tired. However, I was sure I would wake up the next morning and sit down to write as usual.
  1. Each post was edited twice. The editing was minor. Much of the composition and editing happened in the head prior to writing. I was aware of each sentence as I wrote it. If it didn’t feel right, I reworded or deleted.
  1. The series reached men too. I found there was a difference in the way in which male readers responded vs female readers to this series. Most of the women used the series to probe/decide/act in an area of life. Men creatively responded.
  1. I was thrilled that the series reached women beyond religious affiliation and cultural belonging. I knew the articles had insights that transcended the limited community for whom it was written. However, the reach was unplanned.
  1. Couple of friends suggested I convert the series into an experiential Sacred Circle of Healing event. I have decided to facilitate the first one this Winter Solstice in Hyderabad. If you are interested, please mention in the comments.

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