Skype Writing Courses

Want to attend a writing workshop but unable to devote two full days? Now, whether you live in India, United States, or Europe you can learn with The Lightweaver via Skype at a convenient time and date.

Foundational Course:

4 one-hour Skype-sessions which will include the following:

  1. Finding your Voice
  2. Nurturing a positive Relationship with Writing
  3. Positive Editing process
  4. Mental Hygiene while Writing

Price: Rs 4000/-

Buy the Package here.

Advanced Course (after you complete Foundational course):

5 one-hour Skype sessions which will include the following:

  1. Developing your Creativity
  2. Working with the Unconscious
  3. Developing and Refining structure
  4. Connecting with Readers
  5. Advanced Editing
  6. Planning Roadmap for future writing projects.

Price: Rs 6000/-

Buy the Package here

Note: 4/6/8 months book mentoring packages are also available.

After you have bought your desired package, email for appointment.

Appointments are available Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at the following times:

8 am- 12 noon; 4 pm - 8pm.