NLP-based Workshops

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These are a series of short NLP-based workshops on to resolve old issues and welcome a new tomorrow Using the latest approaches from the NLP world as well as research in neuroscience and psychology, the participants will have the opportunity to address core issues and plan outcomes to change their tomorrows.

In the year 2018, I am offering two workshops — Empowering The Bride and Resolving Grief, Moving On.

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Empowering The Bride: This workshop is for brides-to-be to identify and break old patterns, resolve pain (if any), and plan outcome for a healthy empowered future. This workshop will be offered across different cities in India. Please check calendar for details.

Resolving Grief, Moving On: This workshop is for those who have suffered loss — loss of relationships, loss of loved ones, loss of children, loss of home, loss of pets and any other loss that has resulted in unresolved grief. This workshop is designed to offer you an opportunity to work through it, reclaim your present and future and move on in peace and serenity.