Writing Workshops

Writing isn’t a privilege of a few; it is a skill anyone can learn. You may have been told you can’t write or your vocabulary is poor or you lack the skill to express. I will show you how to uncover your voice, remove the mental blocks and write freely.

You may be a science geek, math fan, engineer, an accountant or wannabe artist. Whatever your profession, come and learn how to put words together, how to weave paragraphs and toss joy in air.

Level-1 Writing Workshop (One Day)
Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Writing
You will change your relationship with writing. Instead of being intimidated by writing or feeling poorly of yourself at the end of writing a piece, you will develop detachment and positive feelings, that will get you back to writing, again and again.

Level-2 Writing Workshop (Two days)
Writing Masterclass
This workshop delves into unconscious techniques to generate ideas, how to refine writing projects, the multiple ways to build story structures using metaphors and representation systems, and the art of positive editing.

**Coming soon**

Level-3 Writing as Therapy

How can you use writing as a way to resolve problems of your clients? How can you gauge the patterns of your client from their writings? How can you use their worldview to help them resolve their issues?

This is the first Writing as Therapy course in India which will be based on latest in neuroscience and psychology research and not on feel-good bad-science writing approaches to healing.

Upcoming Workshops

Writing as Therapy short courses in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi in May and June.

Writing Masterclass in Mumbai and Delhi in Aug 2018. Please check Training Calendar.

Previous Workshops

Uncover Your Voice workshop in Hyderabad, New Delhi and Visakhapatnam.
Nurturing a Relationship with Writing in Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune.
Writing Masterclass in Mumbai and Delhi.