What They Think


Praveen Singh

Chief Creative Officer, Manas Marketing Services
"Attended two days Lightweaver writing masterclass by Bhavana ...weaving of Neuroscience, Psychology and sociology in storytelling/writing is unique methodology for potential writers...Such tools and techniques gives structure, awareness and depth to existing and would be potential writers and creatives.. Thanks Bhavana for sharing experiential ways to write and weave story and poems... Please start your classes in B towns for budding creatives and startup World as well.. Your experiential wisdom would add fantastic story/poem telling/writing discovery...”

Rajesh Ramamurthy

Director, Corporate and Training, Brand Midas, Chennai.
“The Writing Workshop conducted by Bhavana in Chennai would easily rank as one of the best workshops I have attended. The setting was simple and was apt for a session of this nature. The whole session was moderated beautifully and the passion that Bhavana brought into the workshop was infectious. She wove the concepts of writing with some beautiful examples from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. To coach the participants to realize that everybody has the resources within themselves and that writing is not that scary demon that it is made out to be is the stuff that differentiates the great facilitators from the ordinary. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who believe that if better is possible than good is not enough especially when it comes to writing."

Priya Badshah

Corporate Communications Consultant
“You step into her workshop, carefully carrying words in your tightly cupped hands. Like you always do. They have always been naughty like marbles, to be held all together, to sway in rhythm with you. Till you meet her. She releases them all and they scatter only to make multiple lovely patterns. As if, they have a mind of their own. Words always have. It's the wordsmiths who hold them back. She helps set them free too. Of their self-doubts. Of their reluctances. Of their inhibitions. And words flow. To flourish. Thank-you Bhavana!”

Ram Ramdas

Co-Founder/CEO Herald Logic
"...that masterclass weekend of aug 19-20 has been an absolute game changer in my life. Thank you parachuting into my life suddenly. When I signed up for the masterclass, I had no clue about what I would be getting into."

Padma Meenakshi

BBC Journalist
“You carry immense positive energy and a great mind player. Every meeting on this earth offers a purpose and what today you have ignited my subtle desire to be a writer. You nailed it right stating that write in your own style and be your own ‘Self’. Every individual is unique in terms of their talent and creativity but unless that is channelized in right path, it won’t shine. Today, you have helped all of us by directing the way, by showing a road map and letting us introspect our ‘Self’. Hatsoff Woman!”

Veena K

The human mind can be so complicated; it can spend days in the doldrums, beset by doubts and agony, perhaps from an unfulfilled personal ambition or from external hardships. It is easy to lose grip and start living and creating against our own truth, suffering and stalling in the process, forgetting to bloom the way we are meant to be. Oftentimes, in such cases, even the best of us would do very well to turn to another person who acts like a compass, giving a 360-degree vision that will help unfurl our sails. To that end, it has been a privilege to be interacting regularly on a one-on-one basis with the ever-poised Bhavana, a lady stoic and wise as a luminous guiding lighthouse in the rough seas. Every interaction with her helps me dip into the amazing reservoir of wisdom and practical tools that she can summon at her fingertips, as she gently steers my thoughts from its wayward course, helping me captain my own sails on the Sea of Life. If you want to talk to an authentic professional who can help you set sail to your intended destination, Bhavana is the person.

Arati Purohit

Owner, Learning Curve Kalyan
Each one of us came from different backgrounds, each one in us had a different texture, each one had varied expectations from it, each one perceived it in different way. Then She entered with an aura of peace around her. She engulfed all our muddled thoughts which made us bulky and this touch enlightened us and made us light and free to float. And then The lightweaver spun her magic quilt with all six different threads of different texture, different touch, different feel and different forms and LO ! A writing quilt emerged and we all sat on it and developed various forms and style of our own. Unique and varied, yet united by The Lightweaver.

Sugam Kulkarni

Senior Management Professional
In a journey called Life , i am in the pursuit of meeting & connecting with new friends to enhance the Circle of Life. Coming to Masterclass had a selfish motto of resharpening my writing skills. ' Bhavana' precisely managed to recraft our art back & rekindle the inner feelings , & Express in words. Apart from walking through the theories she drives you with sensitivity & with just the required vigour to Write , Write & Surely Write .

Gayatri Aptekar

Storyteller/Emotional Wellness Coach/Parenting Coach
I'd highly recommend the writing workshop by Bhavana. It helps you discover your purpose of writing and that shifts your writing style, remarkably.

Sai Padma

Advocate and Disability Activist Visakhapatnam
“Thank you Bhavana Nissima for making me realize my wings… you will hear more flap flap now, and some are going to be tapestry of intricate lives…!!”

Rekha Dhyani

Blogger and Writer
The Lightweaver weaves magic words. Words that have a deeper meaning for those in need and for those who look beyond. The snippets shared are a treat to the soul and always and always a delight. Every time I happen to visit, it helps me take away something beautiful and meaningful that leaves me yearning for more.

Shruti Roy

Faculty, Dept of English
Lightweaver! Weaving lights, and spreading lights as well! Bhavana has made me believe in myself, in my capabilities! That's what she does in her writing workshops. One is bound to leave the workshop a changed person, the way it had happened to me too! The most important part of her workshop is that, she will make you believe that you can do it! You can write, give vent to all your thoughts and feelings. And you are no less than anybody else! I believe this confidence is what the budding writers lack. I thank Bhavana for inspiring me to write, and wish her all the best for every endeavor she makes.

Ranjana Balagopalan

Thank you for the awesome Masterclass on writing. It was an enriching experience, and your positivity and passion inspired me greatly. You helped me develop faith in my work and also gave me so much clarity on what I need to do. The simple but powerful techniques you suggested are going to be invaluable for all of us.